Saturday, 28 February 2009


Leaving, moving away, going to a new place, whatever you want to call it, i always results in the same thing losing people and people losing you. So you move to somewhere new away from your friends and yes you can now still stay in touch easily through the wonders of the Internet, but its just not the same is it.

So you've moved away from your home and your friends and now your getting use to your new life and your changing. You change from your former self. You come home to visit your friends and family and its just not the same as it was before since you've been gone all your friends have changed, you've changed and well nothings as good as what it was before you left. Your just not as close to your friends as you were before you left and you feel left out. New people have arrived and new things have happened all of this you have missed because of your absence.

so you try to catch up on everything in the little time that you are back but there's always stuff missed out and its not the same as being there. the main jist of this is that you just end up feeling left out from your old group of friends, and the longer your away the more you missed and the more you seam to grow apart from your friends. yes you can find new friends but its just not the same, they don't have the memories, the good times, the knowledge of you.

but still despite all this life still goes on, you find new people in your new place, you stay in touch as much as you can. yes you lose a lot but time can heal all that, maybe not completely but as much as needed to carry on with you life.

so my summary is go do what you want to do go where you want to and just don't lose complete contact with those closest to you

Friday, 5 December 2008

love what a strange thing

so your just going about your life happily not bothering anyone and then someone new or even an old friend walks into your life and bang. you've got the strangest of feelings stirring up deep down inside of you. you didn't want this feeling to occur again u just fine without it, but now its here you've got to try to ignore it or better still embrace it.
ignoring those feelings you have, if you choose that route, can be hard especially if the person you adore keeps cropping up everywhere you go. if you cant stop ignoring those feelings then you might as well go on to the other thing to do embrace it.
now embracing it, even that comes with its share of problems. such as choosing the right time to say anything or just purely building up the courage to say anything at all to your beloved. and so you finally have the right time so you plant the all important question on the person and itRemove formatting from selection can go a multitude of ways from there.
the first way is where you get the answer you wanted and everyone's happy, now doesn't everyone just want that to happen all the time. that ending would be nice but they could also say no and you could carry on being friends. yes it would be awkward for the next week or so but at least you would of got it off your chest and your feelings would be in the open. another ending could be the say no and it ruins your friendship which would just make everything worse. and then there is the outcome everyone always dreads where you ask the question and they just laugh at you i mean who would ever want that to happen. it would be the worst feeling in the world if it were to ever happen to you.

so my summary is just ask your special person as soon as possible because none of those outcomes will ruin your life.

Monday, 21 July 2008


no i haven't gone completely mad, well at least not yet and no I'm not talking about the add with the hilarious dog. I'm just simply talking about walls. the reason that I'm talking about walls is that the other day i was walking down the street with an mate when one of the walls of blockbusters just jumped out in front of me and shoulder barged me. i mean how inconsiderate and my mate didn't even care he just laughed at me.

but seriously know watch out for these random walls that like to make you look stupid. I'm warning you the walls are alive and they will humiliate you in anyway they possible can

i would like to dedicate this to Tony Faye

Thursday, 26 June 2008

We Are The Internet Generation

the world we live in is developing faster than every probably faster than we can control but kids of today seem to be able to keep up with it. know have u ever come across on of those moments when one of the older people in your family or that you know have just brought a new piece of electrical equipment and they spend about three hours trying to get it all set up and working and it still wont. when all of a sudden you walk into the room press a couple of buttons on something you've never seen before without looking at the manual and it works within two minutes. now come on all you young folks out there must of experienced that at some point.

its as if the young people of today are some how connected with all technology and just know how it all works, even if it is all alien to them. then you can get the complete opposite of us which is old people, they just don't seem to be able to mix with technology.

there is one down side to being so in touch with technology though and that problem is that all we do now is sit and do stuff, anything we can do with technology. yes that maybe a bit hypocritical of me seen as i have posted this up from my computer onto my blogspot on the Internet but that's besides the point.

Elvis Isn't Dead

yes all of you should recognise these well known lyrics from scouting for girls, know maybe i have read too much into the lyrics of these part of the song but personally i think that its saying that Even when things die by remembering them you can keep them alive.
no matter who you are at some point in your life you have lost or will lose someone close to you its a fact of life no one no matter how powerful they are can change that. those people who die can be kept alive by remembering the good times you enjoyed with them and the thoughts you shared with them some. some people did things or said things that still help or guide people today, take some of the people from the bible for instance the things they said over two thousand years ago still influence people today so how can u say they are truly dead.
I've suffered before in my life losing two people very close to me to breast cancer at the time very traumatic but i keep them alive by remembering them. in fact this could of been happening to me only being alive through others memories when i had my near death experience at the young age of six when i thought i could take on a speeding van and lost.
the gist of my story is that if you have lost someone then don't worry they are still alive through your very precious memories

I would like to dedicate this blog to Marilyn Wallis and Linda Hadlow

Monday, 23 June 2008

The Sun

when i woke up this morning i was surprisingly happy. what made me happy? the sun, the sun made me happy as i saw it poke out from behind the fluffy white things up in the sky for about the fourth or fifth time this year

i don't really know why England hardly ever gets any sun. i mean i could maybe write into a weatherman and ask him but that takes effort which i just don't have. when England does get a couple of days of Sun we all end up going out in as little as we can so that we can get a tan, but instead of brown we end up as shriveled tomatoes and then start moaning that its too hot. we just seam to moan about the weather no matter what it is.
but back to the subject of the funny burning ball of gas we orbit around. don't we all love the sun, there is just so much more you can do when its sunny. you can enjoy all the sports u do more, go to the beach, have water fights and just go out driving.all of these things are just terrible and depressing when its raining. so enjoy the sun while u can. instead of playing your games console or going on your computer or even worse just sitting there on your arse watching daytime TV get outside and enjoy the sun. it wont be there for long.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Where Has All The Fuel Gone To?

what is this world coming to when we only lose 8% of all of our petrol stations for a couple of days and the whole country resorts to pandemonium. although it is annoying that we are made to pay anything up to £1:39 for just one liter of diesel whereas in the land down under we like to call Australia they only have to pay 50p last i heard. its all because the government want yet more of our hard earned cash along with the money from those speed cameras and some of those overly priced pointless taxes.
surely with the advances in technology some geeks have invented an electric car by know but the worlds governments are just hiding it so that they can rake in the money from the taxes on fuel. i think the only way I'm ever going to be able to get a completely electric car before the oil runs out is to make it myself. i mean how hard can it be just to put a big fuck of battery in a car that charges itself as u drive. i mean all it is is a big remote control car that u sit in
just one more point, how can we be sure that all the oil is running out. how do we know that its not just one big conspiracy for all of those fat cats to be able to drain more and more of our money out of us. how do we know that those big fat cats aren't just hiding loads of huge oil pockets just for an excuse to put up the price of oil. personally i think that there isn't a shortage of oil and its all just lies upon lies upon lies. that's all our brilliant and superior world is know lies, if you dig deep enough you'll see that to.